Kate Chisholm

Awards & Press

Awards & Grants

  • Spirit of Broadway Awards: 12 nominations for The Hidden Sky, including Best New Book and Best New Work (2003)
  • Barrymore Awards: 6 nominations for The Hidden Sky, including Best New Play (2000)
  • St. Ann’s Warehouse Puppet Lab Development Grant (2000)
  • Grant from Theater Instituut Nederland (1998)
  • Grant from US/Netherlands Touring & Exchange Project (1998)
  • Richard Rodgers Award, American Academy of Arts and Letters (1996)



"Prospect Theater Company's production is everything those who have known the show have been waiting for, a treat for them and those who've never heard of it.... What makes this musical adaptation of this somewhat esoteric story stand out is its delicately balanced approach. It is fearlessly intelligent and intellectual without being cumbersome or inaccessible. Though dark, challenging and spiritual, the Hidden Sky, is never alienating.... Wise, considerate direction by book writer Kate Chisholm highlights the poeticism and strength of the team's writing. Folk-inspired choreography and costume design beckon to the past in this post-apocalyptic future so that there is a certain timelessness that supports the subtle blend of folklore, fantasy and allegory…. It adds up to a beautiful, provocative musical." [Read full review here.]
- CurtainUp

"As the current New York theatre season nears its final weeks it might be argued that the most emotionally charged, captivatingly written musical scene this time around depicted a young woman's discovery of a mathematical theorem proving a law of physics. Doesn't sound like something that sings? Well, add the dramatic element that by questioning religion through science she recognizes a simple elegance to the universe that solidifies her belief in God. Now that's musical theatre... joyful, engaging and intelligent."
— BroadwayWorld.com

"Succeeds at creating a world that is unlike anything that I have seen in a typical musical... A smart, interesting new musical about a world where the pursuit of knowledge is forbidden, with a great score."
— TheatreIsEasy.com

"From the time the overture began until the final note was played, the reviewer was riveted by a story of good and evil, ignorance and arrogance, of frustration and triumph compellingly told.... The Hidden Sky is different, provocative, a tad unusual, but musical theater to be thoroughly enjoyed."
The Daily Pennsylvanian

“The show effectively communicates the exhilaration of intellectual discovery.... The power of Foley's score... the melodic urgency, rhythmic variety, harmonic invention and orchestral sophistication of his music compel the attention….”
– The Philadelphia Inquirer




The Hidden Sky

Newton's Universe